'caught' extended to february 13 (nix that) april 3 (nix that) may 15 (nix that) June 26 (nix that) August 7!!

MUST close August 7. Really. The theater's rented out, and we're movin' on....

I've been playing Georgian Bible-belter-with-a-secret, Darlene Drift Lynn, since Caught previewed on Thanksgiving weekend 2010. I've had to update this post so many times I decided to start from scratch.

A few highlights:
  • Now the longest-running show currently playing Los Angeles
  • Ovation Recommended
  • Nominations for LA Weekly Awards for Best Direction and Best Ensemble
  • Tons and tons of repeat audience. Like, people coming back 6 and 7 times
  • THE word-of-mouth hit of 2011
  • LA Weekly GO! "a scintillating domestic comedy"
  • over 300 Audience ratings on Goldstar with a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating 
  • highest rated world-premiere comedy on Goldstar ever
  • etc., etc. etc.,
If you haven't seen Caught yet, take yourself to the theater for a night you won't forget. Get your tickets at the Caught website or if you're quick, Goldstar. In the meantime, get in the know about the secrets behind this behemoth hit by watching this video, right here: