legendary editor of Variety, Peter Bart, wrote a play and play we did

On July 26, I joined a terrific cast for the staged reading of a new comedy at the Elephant Theater in Hollywood. We had a ball. The Elephant seats about 45 people. That was a lot of talent in a very small space.

I played Zelda Fitzgerald (no, not that one), the "cute but quirky" head writer of a hit TV show. (I imagined her a Liz Meriwether/Emily Spivey type.) Arye Gross played my boss/occasional love interest/beleaguered producer of the Golden Globes. With the help of the rest of the stellar cast including Bradley, Cheryl, Brian and Sam as two movie stars in love, a TV host and movie producer, respectively, we attempted to keep a particularly cursed Golden Globes show from going off the rails. Strong support was offered in multiple roles by Anastasia Basil, Bill Salyers and Avery Clyde. Under the leadership of our terrific director, Robin, and aided by producer Hillary Weaver, hilarity ensued.