headed for a 'revolution' this fall on NBC

I've been in Austin since the end of July shooting a recurring role in the second season of NBC's Revolution. Guess who's never been to Texas before?? Some people say Austin isn't really Texas, and I'll leave that debate to other people. What I can say is that everyone here, from the locals to the cast and crew on the show, to the people in the surrounding small towns I've visited, have been nothing but lovely and welcoming. On my days off, I've been cruising around Austin's downtown, 100+ degree days be damned. Here are a few of the sights I've seen:

 The world's largest Whole Foods? Yes, PLEASE. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've already spent 8+ hours in this place wandering around, eating things. It's so big, it's like its own planet. Aside from a wine bar, numerous counter-restaurants and a dizzying array of delicious food and drink, you'll also find one of the most inspired re-uses for a vintage cigarette machine ever--one that dispenses art by local artists at 5 bucks a pop.

 On the banks of the Colorado River, under a big ol' tree with a book that's taking me FOREVER to get through. This portion of the river that runs through Austin has been renamed Lady Bird Lake, and you'll find tons of people enjoying its cooling effects morning to night.

The view from my hotel room of the Frost Bank Building, more commonly referred to as the "owl building." If you look at the structure from any of the corners, you'll see an owl lying in wait! Just doing its part to "keep Austin weird."

I really like this city.

So here you go. A video sneak peek into Season Two of Revolution, above. (That's the lovely/very kind/ridonculously talented Elizabeth Mitchell as the show's complex heroine Rachel. If you're on a smart phone and can't see the video, click here for it.) I can't wait for the season premiere on September 25 at 8:00 pm, and you can look for my storyline to begin on October 2. I can't tell you when it ends ;-).