'revolution' interview--"what's behind the red door???"

Part one of the interview I did with was up almost the minute the closing credits ran on last night's episode of "Revolution." This is the second time Curt Wagner, Deputy Digital Editor of the site, has interviewed me and I always have a great time talking to him. I also really like how he puts a story together. He had his work cut out this time because there's so much I couldn't say about what I did on the show! He did a terrific job of it.

You can read part one by clicking HERE.The headline of the piece, below mid-page, was clever--one of the big questions NBC promoted in last night's ep. was "What's behind the red door?" Viewers saw screaming person after screaming person being dragged behind it never to return. The answer to that question was finally revealed when they dragged our hero, Miles, into the mysterious room: what was behind the red door was, um, me. Well, my character, Jessica Andover, on the verge of death or at least having a very, very bad day, plus my on-screen husband, Matt Ross, scaring the hell out of everyone, and some kind of macabre laboratory set-up pumping blood into my jaundiced arm. Delicious! The show ended on a cliff-hanger with Miles in what was clearly a very bad spot.

I gather part two will run shortly after next week's episode of "Revolution" entitled "Love Story." NBC, 8 pm PST/7 pm Central. Looking forward to reading more from Curt.