gladys kravitz! [or driving in L.A.]

Pulled up to a red light at Burbank and Buena Vista. I'm one car back in the far right lane. Light's turned red, so we're all braking, like you do. Preparing to stop. Except the guy in front of me, he just keeps on rolling along. Not zooming through, but definitely has his foot on the gas. Maybe he's texting? Whatever, he's for SURE not seeing this red light. I'm thinking, "Surely he's gonna stop. Surely." But nope. He's into the intersection a good 2 seconds into the red and by then cross-traffic has moved in. It's like slow-mo when you see this stuff happen. He was actually almost through, but not far enough--woman with the green comes into the intersection, they connect bam! her bumper's hanging off now. Nobody's hurt. Not going that fast. I can see that they're both going to meet up in a car wash parking lot to discuss, and I'm thinking, "I don't need to stay, right? They're fine--don't stick your nose in." He ran a red light. It was cut-and-dried. But I've been in that situation before where the other person was so clearly at fault, and I had no witnesses and it got complicated. So as much as I felt like Gladys Kravitz, I pulled over, got out and went like "Psssst!" to this girl through some bushes. "You need a witness?" and she's like "YES" as if she's not at all surprised to have a strange woman talking to her through the greenery. I didn't have a pen, she didn't have a pen, so I wait behind the trees like some kind of secret agent in yoga pants 'til she comes back from the car wash with a pen  that's been taped to an enormous roll of paper so no one takes off with this ten cent Bic. This anti-theft device is so big I could barely write my number for her, plus my hand was shaking because even tho it wasn't my accident, those things get me. I kind of hope she calls.‪ #‎justice‬